Define a control

You must define a control before you can define a control test.

  1. Navigate to IT GRC > Controls > All.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the form, as appropriate (see table).
  4. Click Submit.
    Figure 1. ITGRC Control
    ITGRC control
    Table 1. Defining A Control
    Field Description
    Control ID A unique identifier generated dynamically by the system.
    Name A name for the control.
    Applies to Number of a record from any table in the system. This value defines the scope of the control.
    Classification The type of control.
    Purpose The approach that the control will take.
    Control frequency The basis for determining when the control is implemented.
    State A workflow field that determines where in the authoring process the control is currently.
    Key control Indicator that the control is considered key to preventing material risk, if selected.
    Owning group A reference to the group with ownership over the control.
    Owner A reference to the user with ownership over the control.
    Owner delegate A reference to the user who has ownership over the control when the specified owner is unavailable.
    Description A long-form description of the control.