Condition and script parameters for menu actions

Condition parameters

Note: The usual regular expression conventions are valid in the condition field, such as ! for NOT, && for AND, and || for OR.

The Condition field contains a boolean expression that evaluates to true or false. If the condition is true or if there is no condition, the specified option appears in the menu when you right-click a CI or a relationship link. When you select the option from the menu, ServiceNow executes the associated script.

Table 1. Common Elements for Building a Condition
Text Description
item Node or reference link's data on which you performed the right-click action.
item.label Label of the node.
item.ci_type CI's type (table), such as cmdb_ci_service. Name of CIs. CI's type name or the table label, such as Business Service.
item.location Location of the CI, such as New York.
item.manufacturer_name Name of the CI’s manufacturer, such as Dell Inc. The sys_id of the CI.
item.is_selected The item that is selected in the map.
item.level The current default level.
item.locationId The sys_id of the CI node's location.
item.locationName The full address of the location.
item.manufaturerId The sys_id of the CI's manufacturer.
Table 2. Valid Conditions for Condition Parameters
Condition Description
item.is_collapsed The node is a collapsed node.
item.is_cluster The node is a cluster node.

Script parameters

Menu action scripts are executed on the client when a user clicks the menu option. You can use the same building blocks in scripts as in conditions. Menu action scripts do not function on separators. These are some additional, useful expressions for scripts:

Condition Description The sys_id of the CI node or relationship link.
item.source The sys_id of the relationship's parent or child. The sys_id of the relationship's parent or child.
item.label The name of the CI node, such as IronMail-SD-02.
item.location The sys_id of the CI node's location.
item.location_name The full address of the location, such as 4616 Clairemont Drive, North Clairemont, San Diego CA.
item.manufacturer_id The sys_id of the CI's manufacturer.