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Add widgets to a page

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Add widgets to a page

Add widgets to a page then configure them to link to different data points.

Use any of the demo data included with the Service Portal plugin to see how you can configure widgets for your own pages. For example, the Service Portal index page has a wide variety of widgets with different options configured.

To add and configure a widget:
  1. From the Designer, select a page you want to add a widget to.
  2. Drag the widget into the page layout.

    Icon Link widget being dragged onto a page

  3. Click the edit icon in the widget. You may need to open the widget on the platform using the application menu or open the page in Page Editor if you want more in-depth configuration options.
  4. Complete the form to configure your widget. Use the Type field to determine what type of link your widget uses. If you choose to use a URL link, your URL should look similar to the following: ?id=<page_ID>&table=<table_name>. For example, ?id=list&table=hr_case links to the List page and the HR case table.
Figure 1. Icon Link widget configuration example
Icon Link widget with form filled out