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Service Portal advanced configuration overview

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Service Portal advanced configuration overview

Use these steps as an overview to get a portal up and running. Each step should contain links to additional information should you need it.

These steps are intended to be accessible for more advanced users with an understanding of the ServiceNow platform. You can find more in depth information throughout this site. For more developer-related information on building a portal, see the Service Portal developer documentation page.

Create a portal

It's easier to reconfigure an existing portal to suit your own needs, but if you want to create something new, you can.

Navigate to Service Portal > Portal, then click New. Complete the form fields. Most items correspond with pages that you create in the portal.

Figure 1. Example portal
Example of a new portal for documentation

For more information on portal fields and configuration, see Create a portal.

Create a page

Similarly, you can use and edit an existing page to suit your own needs, or create a new one. Most pages provided with Service Portal are intended to be examples, so use them as references if you get stuck.

Use the Service Portal Designer in the configuration page to create new pages for your portal.

Figure 2. Create a page
Create a new page from the Designer using the Add new page option

Create a portal homepage

Convert a page to a portal homepage using the Portal Editor. Select the portal in the tree view to see the portal information. In the Homepage field, select the page you want as your homepage from the list.

Figure 3. Example homepage
Example of a new homepage for documentation portal

For more information, see Create a homepage.

Configure the header options

Headers are widgets so each instance of a header is different.

Configure the portal header menu from the portal homepage. Navigate to Service Portal > Portals. From the portal you want to change, click the information icon next to the Main Menu field to open the header instance. Use the Menu Items related list to add or remove header menu options.

Configure search

Configure search using the Search Sources related list on the portal page within the platform. The system uses default search sources if you don't configure anything specifically. You can add new search sources from within the platform from the portal record, or on the sp_config page if you have the portal record selected.

Figure 4. Add a search source
New search source record for the documentation portal with Questions and Answers selected

For more information, see Configure search in Service Portal.

Create a widget

Customize the information that displays in your portal by creating a new widget or copying and editing an existing widget. Most widget customization requires an advanced working knowledge of HTML, server and client scripts, and CSS. Consult a developer before making any widget changes. The best way to create a new widget is to simply copy or clone an existing one and make any necessary changes. .