Service Portal

Use Service Portal to create a delightful experience for your users.

Service Portal provides an alternative user experience to the standard platform UI. It is easy to configure, customize, and extend, similar to what users are used to in other consumer products.

Figure 1. Service Portal
Service Portal example page with widgets

The following podcast provides more information on Service Portal.

Why use Service Portal?

Service Portal is a simple way for you to configure an intuitive interface for your users. It interacts with the underlying ServiceNow platform, so you can access any platform components in the portal.

Service Portal was designed to be accessible for a variety of users. Less technical users can make basic configuration changes to the UI using Branding Editor and other components of Service Portal. For a more moderate level of configuration, users can edit and extend portals, pages, and widgets. More advanced users can use the development tools provided in Widget Editor to write AngularJS, SCSS, and Javascript to power a portal. Advance web designers can also create rich web applications right on the ServiceNow platform.