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Redirect to Service Portal after login

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Redirect to Service Portal after login

Use system properties and script includes to conditionally redirect users to a page after logging in.

Follow these steps to redirect a user to Service Portal after they log in.

  1. In the sys_properties table, Add a system property:
    Property Type Value Description string new SPEntryPage().getFirstPageURL() First page after authentication
    getFirstPageURL primarily does the following:
    • Redirects to in order to break out of the frameset (if there is one).
    • Redirects to Service Portal if the user has no roles, or the full platform for everyone else.
  2. Customize the after login behavior by navigating to the SPEntryPage script include.

    The SPEntryPage script include is available in releases for Helsinki Patch 2 and later.

    Note: If you make changes to the script include, it won't be upgraded with future updates.
    Note: If you are using external authentication, ensure that your IdP supports the RelayState URL parameter. This parameter retains the originally requested URL while the user authenticates, and is necessary for redirection after login.