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Get started with Service Portal

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Get started with Service Portal

Basic users can use these simple setup instructions to get a portal, pages, and widgets up and running.

Use these instructions only as a basic overview. You can find more detailed information on each topic throughout the Service Portal documentation or using the links on this page.

This section covers the following steps:
  1. Configure the branding for your portal.
  2. Set up the page layout.
  3. Configure widgets by instance.

Configure the branding for your portal

After you activate Service Portal, you can begin setting up your portal and pages. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration.

Use the Branding Editor to change the basic theme and styling of an existing portal to make it fit your own needs. For more information, see Configure a portal with Branding Editor.

Figure 1. Branding Editor sample
Sample Branding Editor portal

Set up the page layout

Use the Service Portal Designer to customize each page in your portal. Column layouts define the structure for the widgets on your page. Drag each container and row onto the pages. Drag widgets into corresponding rows.

Figure 2. Page layout in the Designer
Add a widget to a layout

Configure widget settings

Change the settings of a widget to make each instance of a widget unique. In Branding Editor, control+right-click the widget, then select Instance Options.

When you change the settings for a widget, it only changes in that one widget, so you can have the same widget multiple times on a page performing different functions. For more information, see Widget Instances.

Figure 3. Widget instance options
Control+right-click a widget then click Instance Options