Public and role-based pages

Set up pages to be public or configure them specifically by role.

To manage your page security:
  • On the platform, navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  • To limit access to a certain role, modify the Role field.
  • To make a page public, select the Public check box.
Figure 1. Page with limited access by role
Calc page with the snc_external and snc_internal roles selected
Table 1. Page fields
Field Description
Title Name of the page. The page title isn't public facing however you can use it to search for a page in the Service Portal Designer. The page title also helps determine the page ID.
ID A unique ID for the page. The ID is what you use to assign a page to a portal. It also determines the URL for the page, for example https://instance, where calc is the page ID.
Hide breadcrumbs Show or hide the breadcrumbs for that page
Short description Describes the portal page. This field is also not public facing.
Page Specific CSS Unless as page has Page Specific CSS, the page inherits CSS from the Theme and Branding. If you need a page to look different, the Page Specific CSS overrides the inheritance from the Theme and Branding.
Public Allows the page to be accessed without the need for authentication. If Public is selected, all users can view the page no matter the roles listed.
Internal Not used
Roles Limit user access to a page by role.