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Create a portal

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Create a portal

The simplest way to set up a portal is to make changes to the existing portal included in Service Portal. However, if you want to create a portal from scratch you can do so from within the platform UI.

To create a portal:
  1. From your instance, navigate to Service Portal > Portals and click New.
  2. Use the following table to complete the fields.
    Table 1. Portal configuration settings
    Property Description
    Title The Portal title. The page renders the title as <title>{Portal Title} - {Page Title}</title>
    URL Suffix The directory name: [instance:port]/url_suffix/ to identify the portal
    Homepage Index page associated to this portal
    Knowledge base Knowledge base home page
    Social QA Knowledge Base Default QA knowledge base
    KB home page Default KB home page
    Login page Default Login Page
    Logo Company logo
    Icon Company icon. Use this field to change the icon in the address bar for your portal. Each portal you create can have a different icon.
    Default Default portal
    Quick start config Configuration settings generated by the Branding Editor
    CSS variables Portal specific Sass variables. You can overwrite existing theme variables in here.
    Application Application scope
    404 page Default 404 page
    Catalog Service Catalog in use
    Catalog home page Catalog home page
    Main menu Reference to widget used for the menu
    Theme Theme used to define the style elements throughout your portal

Access all of these properties from the client script using $scope.portal.