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Headers and footers

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Headers and footers

Headers and footers appear at the top or bottom of a page in the portal. They are controlled by the portal theme.

Make sure you have a basic understanding of HTML or CSS before making any changes to header or footers.

To create a header or footer:
  1. From the base instance, navigate to Service Portal > Headers & Footers. You can also access the headers and footers records table from the Service Portal Configuration page in the Portal Tables list.
  2. Complete the fields as needed.
To add the header or footer to a portal:
  1. Navigate to the portal's theme. You can do this either in the base platform or within the Service Portal Configuration page using the Portal Tables list.
  2. In the header or footer field, select the header or footer you want to use for your portal.
To add a sub-header for a particular page:
  1. From the Service Portal Configuration page, open the Service Portal Designer.
  2. Open the page you want to add a subheader to.
  3. Make sure the container for the subheader is selected (you can confirm using the breadcrumbs at the top of the page), then click the edit icon ()
  4. Select the Move to header option.

    Container edit fields open with the Move to header option selected