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Custom CSS

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Custom CSS

If you need more customization than Branding Editor can provide, customize your theme CSS in the platform UI.

Only users with an understanding of CSS should create custom themes.

  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Themes, then click New.
  2. Name the new theme then right click and select Save.
  3. From the CSS Include related list, click New.
  4. Enter a name for your CSS include, then select a source. You have the option to select an external CSS URL or an internal style sheet from within the system.
    Figure 1. CSS Include options
    CSS Include window with an internal style sheet named ash.css selected
  5. If you choose to use an internal style sheet but haven't configured a style sheet yet, in the Style Sheet popup window, click New.
    Figure 2. New style sheet
    Style sheet popup
  6. Enter your CSS in the style sheet.
    Figure 3. Theme CSS style sheet
    Style sheet page with sample CSS