NotifyNow - initiateConferenceCall(String[] conferenceCallParticipants, String conferenceCallTitle, GlideRecord sourceRecord, Boolean private)

Initiate a new conference call.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
conferenceCallParticipants String One or more users, conference call participants, identified by the sys_ids from the sys_user table or E.164-compliant phone numbers.
conferenceCallTitle String Title of the conference call. This parameter has a maximum length of 40 characters.
sourceRecord GlideRecord Source record to associate to the conference call such as an incident or problem number.
private Boolean Value to control if a conference call is private. This value defaults to false.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
GlideRecord The conference call record, or null if there was an error.

This initiates a conference call with participants that have a E.164-compliant phone number and participants from the sys_user table and sends conference call details via SMS and email to all participants.

// define phone number participants
var participants = ['+31205655548', '+31205655552', '+31652825393'];
// we also want to add two Dutch sys_user participants
var user = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
user.addQuery('mobile_phone', 'STARTSWITH', '+316');
// add users to the participant array
while (user.hasNext() && {
	gs.log('adding user ' + user.getValue('name') + ' with phone number ' + 
             user.getValue('mobile_phone') + ' to the participant array');
// define a source record to associate with the conference call
var source = new GlideRecord("cmdb_ci");
source.query("asset_tag", "P1000167");
if (source.hasNext() && {
	// set up conference call
	var nn = new SNC.NotifyNow();
	var conferenceCall = nn.initiateConferenceCall(participants, "testing 1 2", source);
	// check if the conference call was successfully created
	if (conferenceCall != null) {
		gs.log('started conference call: ' + conferenceCall.getUniqueValue());
	} else {
		gs.log('could not start the conference call :(');