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Validations at publishing

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Validations at publishing

If you attempt to publish an invalid workflow or a workflow with potential problems, the system displays an error message and blocks the operation, if necessary.

When validation error messages appear, click the validate icon in the graphical workflow editor to see the error report.

Validation warning

A validation warning notifies you that a potential problem exists in a workflow but permits you to publish the workflow. Validation warnings appear when:
  • You edit and then attempt to publish a workflow that is included as a subflow in another workflow. The system cannot determine how your changes will affect the parent workflow and alerts you of the relationship.
  • A workflow activity uses a different table than the table assigned to the workflow. The system alerts you of the potential conflict.
Figure 1. Validation warning

Validation failure

A validation failure notifies you that a critical error has occurred in the workflow that prevents you from publishing the workflow. An example of a critical error is a missing subflow.
Figure 2. Validation failure