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Timeline for a selected activity

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Timeline for a selected activity

You can display a partial workflow timeline.

  1. Navigate toWorkflow > Live Workflows > Active Contexts.
  2. Open a Workflow Context record.
  3. On the Workflow Activity History related list, select one or more individual activities.
  4. Click Show Timeline from the action menu.

    The resulting view is a snapshot of the timeline, showing only the selected activities and their transitions, if any.

  5. Collapse the tree to confine the view even further.
    Partial workflow timeline
  6. To view a timeline displaying activities from different contexts:
    You might use this feature to display a subflow's context with the parent workflow context.
    1. Navigate to Workflow > Live Workflows > History.
    2. Select individual history items from the list.
    3. Select the Show Timeline option from the actions menu.

      History items are arranged in a hierarchy in the activities pane under their contexts. The timeline title is Multiple Contexts. The timeline draws only the activities and relationships of the history items selected.