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Canceling a workflow

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Canceling a workflow

Canceling a workflow stops the workflow from executing and sets the workflow context State to Canceled.

About this task

Canceling a workflow attempts to stop the workflow gracefully by injecting a cancel command into the workflow engine.

To cancel an active workflow:


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Active Contexts.
  2. Select a workflow context record.
  3. Select the Cancel related link.
    A confirmation window appears.
    Cancel Confirmation
  4. Click OK.
    The Wait for Cancel window appears. The workflow engine attempts to cancel the workflow gracefully.
    Wait for Cancel

    If the workflow does not respond to the cancel command, the Force Cancel window appears.

    Force Cancel
  5. Click Force cancel to interrupt the thread the workflow is actively executing or click Continue waiting to continue waiting for the workflow to cancel gracefully.
    Warning: Whenever possible, allow a workflow to cancel gracefully. Forcing a workflow to cancel can leave related workflows and scripts in an unresolved state. You can use an on-cancel script to clean up unresolved artifacts from a cancelled workflow.