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Workflow update set migration use case - subflow dependency (failure)

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Workflow update set migration use case - subflow dependency (failure)

Edit and migrate an existing workflow from a test instance to a production instance that fails to run on the production instance because of a missing dependent subflow.

  1. User A selects Update Set C.
  2. User A checks out Workflow A.
  3. User A adds a subflow called Workflow B to Workflow A.

    Assume that Workflow B was previously published, but has not been migrated to the production instance.

  4. User A publishes Workflow A.

    A customer update set record is added to Update Set C containing an XML payload, including the published Workflow A and all activity dependencies. The XML payload also contains the workflow input variables associated with the workflow.

    Notably absent from Update Set C is the subflow called Workflow B. Workflow B was published before User A selected Update Set C.

  5. User A completes Update Set C and migrates it to the production instance.
  6. Update Set C commits with warnings.
  7. Workflow A is invoked on the production instance with the following results:

    Workflow A fails the runtime validation check and is prevented from running on the production system. The system adds to the workflow context a workflow log entry detailing the cause of the failure, notably the absence of a dependent workflow.

    To learn more about the validation checks on workflow dependencies and update sets see ValidateUpdateSetDependencies.