Event-specific workflow activities

The following workflow activities trigger events.

Table 1. Event-specific workflow activities
Activity Name Description Purpose To Use Source Thread Listeners
Create Event Requires an event from the event registry rather than a workflow event. This activity is located in the Notification category of the workflow tree. Fires the notification event specified in the Workflow Activity [wf_activity] table.
  1. Navigate to System Policy > Events > Registry
  2. Create an event.
  3. Navigate to System Policy > Templates and create an email template.
  4. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Notifications.
  5. Create a new notification that is triggered by the event you created and sends the template you created.
  6. On the workflow canvas, drag the Create Event activity onto the canvas and associate it with the newly registered event.
When the workflow executes, the event is created and the email associated with the event is sent.
Event Registry Triggered in the current thread and handled on the worker thread in notifications. Never processed by a workflow On the notification thread, outside of workflow
Wait for WF Event Listens for workflow events, as described in the Workflow Events in the Base System table, and only within the current context. This activity is located in the Conditions category of the workflow tree. Waits for another transition branch of the current context to trigger an event. Takes an event name as input. When the activity is executed, the specified event name is added to a string array stored in the registered_events column. The values in this column are in a list of all events the activity waits for when it is executing. The Wait for WF Event activity has a generic onUnhandledEvent that tests the current event against the value that was passed to the variable. If they match, the Wait for WF Event moves the workflow forward. Triggered in the current thread or from a script include The onUnhandledEvent of the Wait for WF Event activity