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Define a wizard variable

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Define a wizard variable

How to define a wizard variable.

About this task

Note: To learn more, see Define a Wizard Variable.

Define wizard variables:

Figure 1. Basic variables


  1. In the Wizard Variable related list, click New.
  2. Enter the variable details.
    • Type: Multiple Choice
    • Name: incident
    • Question: What are you having difficulties with?
  3. Right-click the header and select Save.
  4. In the Question Choices related list, click New.
  5. Enter Email Issue in the Text and Value fields, and click Submit.
  6. Repeat steps 4 – 5 for the following question choices:
    • Computer Issue
    • Password Reset
  7. In the Wizard Variable related list, click New.
  8. Enter the variable details and click Submit.
    • Type: Wide Single Line Text
    • Name: description
    • Question: Please describe your symptoms