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Workflow input variables

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Workflow input variables

Workflow variables are external values that are passed into and referenced by a workflow during its execution.

About this task

Workflow variables can be declared externally in a script and passed into a main workflow or they can be declared within a main workflow and passed as inputs to a subflow.
Note: There is a specific kind of input variable for any workflow that is declared against the table Requested Item [sc_request_item]. To understand the use of these variables see Workflow catalog variables.

Workflow variables are declared in a form available from the Workflow Editor gear menu.

To add, view, or modify a variable:


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Edit and checkout a workflow.
  3. Select the Workflow Activities menu and select Edit Inputs.
  4. Select an existing variable or click New.

    Note the Column name field. Use this value when accessing the variable from a script.

    Workflow variables do not appear on the workflow canvas, they are only available for view from the Workflow Activity menu.

    The input variables are available to use in scripts. To access an input variable from a script:
    var input  = workflow. variables. variableName //get the workflow variable identified by column name.