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Use the Workflow Operations Dashboard

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Use the Workflow Operations Dashboard

On the Workflow Operations Dashboard, view and add widgets to help you monitor workflows. Review the performance of workflows and determine which workflows must be improved.

Before you begin

Role required: workflow_admin
The different levels of access are:
  • View: View the dashboard and refresh report widgets.
  • Customize: Refresh, add, delete, and rearrange widgets.

About this task

On the Workflow Operations Dashboard, you can click widget elements to view the records they represent. You can also add new report widgets that are not displayed by default.


  1. To view the Workflow Operations Dashboard, navigate to Workflow > Operations > Workflow Operations Dashboard.
    The default reports on the dashboard include:
    • Workflow contexts providing run time metrics
    • Active workflows started during a specified time period
    • Workflows run between yesterday and today
    • Workflows by state for the current month
    • Aged workflow contexts for the past month
  2. To find and add more widgets, click the Add Content icon (Add Content icon) in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

What to do next

If a workflow consistently appears as an outlier and there is no error causing the run time values, you can use its historical run time values to calculate a new estimated run time value. Then update the estimated run time in the workflow properties.