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Import stages from a choice list

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Import stages from a choice list

You can import the choice list values of a workflow field as stages for a workflow.

Before you begin

Create a choice list as follows:
  • Add a custom field of Type Workflow to the table.
  • Configure the custom field to use a choice list.
  • If you are creating a new field, set the Choice List type to Display without --None-- and create the choices for the newly created field.

For more information, see Create a workflow stage field.


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Open and check out the workflow.
  3. In the title bar, click the menu icon and select Properties
  4. In the Workflow Properties dialog box, click the Stages tab.
  5. From the Stage field list, verify that the correct workflow field is selected.
  6. In the Related Links section, click Import Stages from Choice List.
  7. In the dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to import the choice list, click OK.
  8. Click Update.

What to do next

The stage set can be added to a workflow or assigned as the default set for workflows that are created for a specific table.