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Correct a skipped workflow approval activity

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Correct a skipped workflow approval activity

While a workflow is in an active context, an approval activity can skip to the next activity.

About this task

An approval activity might skip for the following reasons:
  • The approval user or group is missing or invalid (for example, sys_id).
  • The approval user or group became inactive after the approval record was created.
  • The activity is a dot-walked field, such as current.opened_by.department.manager, and it has a missing or invalid approval user or group.
  • The business rule on the table that is associated with the workflow is invalid.

To correct a missed approval activity:


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Live Workflows > All Contexts.
  2. Click the date and time in the Started column for the workflow that is incorrectly processing approval activities.
  3. In Related Links, click Show Workflow.
  4. Review the portion of the workflow that executed, and then do one or more of the following:
    • Verify that after approval, the workflow progressed to the next activity. If a workflow failed to progress, check the business rules. For more information, see Debugging Business Rules.
    • Point to each processed approval activity to find activities where the State is Finished and Result is Skipped.
  5. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor and open the workflow.
  6. Double-click the skipped approval activity.
  7. Click Users or Groups.
  8. Assign an active user or group for the approval activity. For more information, see Workflow error handling.