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Workflow stages

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Workflow stages

Workflows can indicate workflow progress by updating any field designated as a stage field.

For example, the Incident [incident] table has an Incident state field that indicates progress, but the service catalog uses the Stage field.

To indicate the workflow's progress through the possible stage values, the interface updates the Stage field selected in the workflow properties. Available fields depend on the table used by the workflow. If the field provides a choice list, then the choices are available as stage values for the workflow. If the field is a workflow field, it displays an icon to indicate the workflow's progress, as with the Service Catalog's Stage field.

Figure 1. Service Catalog Stage field with icons

After stages are added to the workflow, they can be assigned to each workflow activity. If an activity with an assigned stage is encountered when the workflow runs, the workflow engine assigns the stage to the record associated with the workflow context.

For workflows that use the Requested Item [sc_req_item] table, the stage field is automatically set to the Stage field of the table and cannot be changed. The stage state displayed for a workflow running on the Requested Item table is based on the state of the workflow activities.
  • If an activity is active, then the stage is shown with the state of In progress.
  • If an activity is in the Pending or Completed state, the stage reflects this state.
  • If an activity is cancelled, Request Cancelled appears in the Stage field. The "Cancelled" label set in the wf_stage table is a reserved word, and does not display in the Stage field.