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Workflow catalog variables

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Workflow catalog variables

Workflows that are associated with the Requested Item [sc_req_item] table have a specific type of workflow input.

The inputs into this workflow are essentially question:answer pairings that, when associated with a specific catalog task, become options on the task form. These options are generated by that catalog task activity within a workflow.


For the purposes of Service Catalog and workflow, a variable’s scope determines its availability to a catalog task activity within a workflow. You can define variables as global or catalog item-specific. When a variable is associated to a catalog item and the workflow generating the catalog task is associated to the catalog item, the variable scope determines which variables are available for mapping within the catalog task activity in a workflow. If a workflow is associated with Requested Item [sc_request_item], and is not specifically associated with a catalog item, any catalog variable with a blank Cat Item field value is available to all catalog task activities within the workflow.