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Outlying workflow run times

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Outlying workflow run times

Workflow run times are identified as outliers when they are longer or shorter than the outlier range that is computed for the workflow.

The outlier range is automatically computed with the Estimated Run Time and Outlier Percentage Threshold for ERT values in the workflow properties. These values are used in the following formulas.

Table 1. Formulas for computing workflow outlier ranges
Value computed Computation used Example
Outlier Value Estimated Run Time * (Outlier Percentage Threshold for ERT / 100) 10 seconds * (20 / 100)

10 seconds * 0.2 = 2 seconds

Outlier Range (Estimated Run Time - Outlier Value) to (Estimated Run Time + Outlier Value) (10 seconds - 2 seconds) to (10 seconds + 2 seconds) = 8 to 12 seconds

When a workflow runs within the outlier range, its estimated run time is automatically updated.

If a workflow has an outlying run time, it appears in any outlier workflow gauges on the Workflow Operations Dashboard and custom home pages.