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How stage values are derived

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How stage values are derived

Stage values are derived from various sources in the interface.

Note: An updated method for managing workflow stages as a set is also available. For information about grouping and reusing stages, see Workflow stage sets.
Stage values are derived from the following sources:
  • Choices for Stage column: Choices defined for the column selected as the Stage column for the workflow.
  • Default stages for table: Stages defined in the Stage Default [wf_stage_default] table for the table selected.
  • Workflow-specific stages: Applied only to the workflow for which they were defined in the Workflow Stage [wf_stage] table.
  • Stage values in existing records: Values from the designated Stage column in the table assigned to the workflow are inherited from existing records.
If the stage field for a workflow is the table column named Stage, then the progress of the workflow appears in any list view containing the Stage column.
Figure 1. Stages in a list

Stage values shown in the list views are accompanied by the state, based on the workflow activities being executed. If an activity has a stage specified for it, and the activity is currently active in the workflow, then the stage is shown with a state of In progress. Similarly, if the activity is in the Pending or Completed state, the stage reflects this state.


If the workflow table is Request Item [sc_req_item], then the stage field is automatically set to the Stage column of that table and cannot be changed. The following stage values for the request item are displayed in a choice list from the Dictionary Entry [sys_dictionary] table:
  • Waiting for Approval
  • Fulfillment
  • Delivery
In addition, the Request Item table has the following default stages:
  • Request Cancelled
  • Completed
Note: If an activity is cancelled, Request Cancelled appears in the Stage field. The "Cancelled" label set in the wf_stage table is a reserved word, and does not display in the Stage field.
When you edit available activity stages in the workflow editor, the list displays the following stage values:
  • Waiting for Approval
  • Fulfillment
  • Delivery
  • Request Cancelled
  • Completed
The following diagram depicts the process used to gather stage values from the Request Item table to populate the Stages list in workflow activities.
Gathering stage values for workflow activities
Note: If you are creating a workflow with a table other than Request Item [sc_req_item], you must select a Stage field in the workflow properties for the workflow to have stages.