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Catalog specific item variables are visible in several places depending on where in the process the variable is viewed.

Declaration can happen and variables can be seen from within the menu, inside both the Maintain Items module and in the Item Variable modules of the Service Catalog.

Within a workflow, the Catalog Specific Item variables are available to the Catalog Task activity in the form of a slushbucket at the bottom of the Catalog Task activity. Item variables that are selected, are the question and answer pairs that will appear on the task that is generated by that instance of Catalog Task when executing that workflow.

If a workflow is associated with a specific catalog item, the association acts as a filter for item variables that appear in the slushbucket of the Catalog Task activity.

The last place the variables are seen is in the task form that is generated by the Catalog Task Item. The variables selected in the slushbucket are the question and answer pairs that appear to the user on the task form.