Sharing surveys: export and import

You can export a survey and then import it to a different ServiceNow instance.

Note: Update sets are available in the Helsinki release and should be used to move data from one instance to another. For information about update sets, see Update SetsUpdate Sets.
The system exports a single XML file that contains a survey definition [asmt_metric_type] and the associated records, including the following.
  • Assessment Metric Template [asmt_template]
  • Assessment Template Definition [asmt_template_definition]
  • Metric definitions [asmt_metric_definition] (survey question answer options)
  • Scheduled Jobs associated with the Survey [sys_trigger]
  • Survey categories [asmt_metric_category]
  • Survey questions [asmt_metric]
  • Survey users [asmt_m2m_category_user]
  • Trigger Condition [asmt_condition]