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Allocate an individual user to a subscription

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Allocate an individual user to a subscription

In addition to adding user sets to a subscription, you can add individual users directly. Users that you allocate directly are subscribed immediately.

Before you begin

Role required: usage_admin or admin


  1. Navigate to Subscription Management > Subscriptions.
    Subscriptions list. Notice the color codes for allocation levels.
  2. Click the Name of the Per-User subscription to allocate users to.
  3. Optional: To ensure that you do not exceed the purchased subscription limit, click Enforce subscription limit.
  4. Click the Subscribed Users tab and then click Edit.
  5. The form displays the list of users that you can add. Move the desired users from the Collection list into the Subscribed Users list and then click Save.
    The selected users are allocated to the subscription. If allocating a user would exceed the subscription limit, the user is not subscribed. Instead, the user is set to Pending status and is listed on the Pending Users tab.

    The number of allocated users is updated to include the users that you added.

  6. Click Update on the Subscriptions form.