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Allocating users to a Per-User subscription

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Allocating users to a Per-User subscription

You, the usage admin, use the Subscriptions module to allocate users to the Per-User type subscriptions that your organization has purchased.

Example: Allocating users to a Per-User subscription

In this example, your organization purchased a subscription for 200 fulfiller users. You can therefore specify the 200 users—the subscribed users—who have the right to use the subscription application and features on your production instance. You can allocate users either individually or by adding user sets to the subscription.
Note: User sets are the preferred automated method for managing the pool of users who are subscribed to an application. Once you configure and allocate a user set, the system regularly updates the list of members based on the conditions that you specified. You do not need to manage individual users.
Figure 1. Allocating users to a Per-User subscription

Guidelines for allocating users

  • You allocate users only to Per-User subscriptions. The instance auto-allocates all other subscription types.
  • Allocate users only after the subscription start date.
  • When you add a user set to a subscription, the system allocates all users in the user set, up to the purchased subscription limit.
  • In the case that adding the users in a user set would exceed the subscription limit, then none of the users in the user set are subscribed. Instead, all users in the user set are set to Pending status and are listed on the Pending Users tab.
  • You can unsubscribe any user as needed.
  • You can exclude users. Excluded users cannot be allocated to the subscription individually or through a user set. At any time, you can remove a user from the list of excluded users.

Methods for allocating users

  • Define user sets and then add user sets to the subscription
  • Allocate individual users to the subscription (as many as are required)

Overview of the procedure for allocating users

  1. Allocate users to the subscription using one or both of the following methods:
    • Build one or more user sets and add the user sets to the subscription.
    • Allocate individual users
  2. After you have allocated users to the subscription, you can add or remove user sets and individual users as needed. In addition, you can exclude individual users as needed.