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Create an object or an array output variable

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Create an object or an array output variable

You can create output variables that are objects or arrays.

Before you begin

Role required: activity_admin, activity_creator, admin


  1. To create an object in the data structure, double-click the Type value and select Object from the choice list.
  2. Click the + icon in the object to add variables, arrays, or other objects.
    Adding objects as output variables
  3. Move individual variables between objects as needed.

    The system prevents you from moving a variable to an object if a variable with the same name already exists in the object.

  4. To add an array to the structure or to an object, select a data type of Array.

    The system automatically opens an array element row that allows you to select the data type for the array.

    Adding arrays as output variables
  5. To delete an object or an array, click the delete icon () in the row.

    When you delete an object, you also delete all the elements it contains.