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Auto-map SOAP activity output variables

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Auto-map SOAP activity output variables

The ServiceNow activity designer allows you to map parameter values in a SOAP test payload to variables in the Outputs stage automatically.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Note: You can test input variables from any stage in the activity designer if you have provided enough information for Orchestration to contact the endpoint and return data. Typically, the Execution Command stage is the point at which your inputs are ready for testing.


  1. In the activity designer, proceed to the Execution Command stage.
  2. Define an appropriate MID Server, if requested.
    The test fails if the MID Server cannot be found or if it cannot connect to the target.
  3. Click Test Activity to test the input parameters.
    If you added actual values for the parameters and fields, the system runs those values against the specified target and returns the resulting payload. If you mapped input variables to fields and parameters, the system displays a dialog box for assigning test values to those variables.
  4. Provide test values, if requested, and click OK to display the payload.
    The entire payload appears in the Raw Output tab of the Response form.
    Auto-mapping controls
  5. Select one of these auto-mapping options.
    • Auto-Map to Local: Directly maps values to a local variable for use within the activity.
    • Auto-Map to Output: Directly maps values to the output variable to pass to other activities in the workflow. Auto-mapping to an output variable creates an array of objects, each of which contains the column names from the query result.