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REST template conditions

REST template conditions

Create the exit conditions for your activity in the Condition column and set the order for each.

The system evaluates the condition with the lowest order number first and stops when it finds the first true condition. The system delays evaluation of conditions with an Else value set to true until all conditions with an Else value set to false are evaluated. If the system does not find a true condition, it looks for a default condition in which the value for Else is true and takes this exit. You must have at least one default exit condition, or the activity hangs when the workflow runs.

The following are possible conditions you might create for an activity:

Table 1. Sample activity conditions
Condition Evaluation
Success Tests for a success condition. Else is set to false and the Order is set to 100. If this condition is true, the activity takes the Success exit. If this condition is false, the system evaluates the next condition in order.
Retry Tests for a condition that runs the activity again. Else is set to false. If this condition is true, the activity runs again. If this condition is false, the system takes the default Failure exit.
Failure Default condition that allows the workflow to continue if the other conditions in the activity are false. Else is set to true.
Sample activity conditions

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