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JDBC template post-processing parameters

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JDBC template post-processing parameters

Use these parameters to create a post-processing script that runs after the activity executes.

Table 1. JDBC post-processing parameters
Name Variable Type Usage
Output output String Contains output data returned by the query.
EccSysId eccSysId String Contains the Reference ID associated with the ECC Queue input message.
ErrorMessages errorMessages String Contains the error messages returned from the query. If no error messages are returned, this value is null.
Total rows totalRows Integer Number of rows successfully executed by the SQL statement. See the explanation below of how the system calculates the row count.

Row count calculations

The total number of rows successfully executed by the SQL statement varies depending on the type of statement or stored procedure that was run. For a select statement, this value could be the Maximum rows configured in the Inputs tab, or the total number of rows in the database that match the query. Stored procedures can only execute select statements.

If the SQL statement executes an insert, update, or delete, the statement might be only partially successful. The total number of successful rows is based on the number of rows matching the statement with respect to the maximum rows allowed by the activity. For example, if the number of rows to be inserted is greater than the maximum rows allowed, not all the desired rows can be inserted. The Total rows number is the number of rows that are successfully inserted, which is equal to or less than the maximum rows. An error message shows the results of the statement when any part of the operation fails.