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Orchestration activity designer

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Orchestration activity designer

The Orchestration activity designer enables a user with either the workflow_admin or activity_creator and workflow_creator roles to construct reusable activities that suit an organization's business needs.

Activities created by the activity designer offer the following advantages over core activities offered in previous releases:

  • Reuse custom activities in multiple workflows.
  • Upload and download custom activities from the ServiceNow Store.
  • Parse data from standard input formats.
  • Test input variables against a target host or endpoint and inspect the payload.
  • Automatically map values from a test payload to an activity's output variables.
  • Share data between activities.
  • View and revert to previous versions of an activity.

Access to the activity designer requires activation of ServiceNow Orchestration . For instructions about managing transitions and conditions for all activities, see Workflow activities.

For a list of available activity templates provided with Orchestration, see Activity designer components