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Register DNS C-Record activity

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Register DNS C-Record activity

The Register DNS C-Record activity creates a DNS canonical (CNAME) record on a specified Infoblox server.

The DNS activities use the REST Web Service activity designer template to manage DNS records using an Infoblox DDI Grid Server. These activities are configured to use a MID Server with REST capabilities.

To access this activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Infoblox DDI > DNS.

Input variables

Table 1. Register DNS C-Record input variables
Variable Description
InfobloxServer Name of the Infoblox DDI Grid Server.
cname The DNS cannonical record to create, as expressed by the c_name value.
recordName Name of the record to create.
zone The DNS zone containing the cannonical record to create.
restCredentials The sys_id of the REST credentials from the ServiceNow instance.

Output variables

Table 2. Register DNS C-Record output variables
Variable Desctiption
error Displays the message for any REST error encountered.
DNSCRecord Name of the CNAME record registered, expressed in the format: record:cname/<encrypted code>:<network name>/default.


Table 3. Register DNS C-Record conditions
Variable Description
Success Activity successfully created the cannonical DNS record.
Failure Activity failed to create the cannonical DNS record.