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Create User Azure AD activity

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Create User Azure AD activity

The Create User activity creates a user for the Azure Active Directory tenant.

To access this activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Azure AD. This activity was built with the REST Web Service activity designer template.

Important: The REST message used for this activity must be configured to use OAuth2 authentication.

Input variables

Table 1. Create User input variables
Variable Description
display_name Name of the Azure AD user in the accepted display format, such as jacinto.gawron.
user_principal_name User principal name (UPN) in an email format. For example, you might enter
mail_nickname User's email alias that redirects to the user's full address.
password User's Azure AD password. This password must be passed as a workflow input with a type of Password (2 Way Encrypted) and must meet the password policy set in Azure AD.
change_password Control that requires the user to change his or her password at the next login, if set to true.
account_enabled Control that sets the user's account is enabled, if set to true.
given_name First name of the user.
surname Last name of the user.
other_mails List of additional email addresses for the user. For example, you might enter ["", ""].
country The country or region in which the user is located. For example, you might enter US or UK. The default value is set toUS.
city City in which the user is located.
department Name of the department in which the user works.
mobile User's primary cell phone number.
job_title User's job title.
physical_delivery_office_name Office location in the user place of business.
postal_code Postal code of the user's address.
preferred_language Language in which the user prefers to communicate. This value must follow the ISO 639-1 Code. For example, you might enter en-US. The default value is set to en-US.
state State or province for the user's address.
street_address Street address of the user's place of business.
telephone_number Primary telephone number of the user's place of business.
usage_location Two letter country code that is required for users who are assigned Office 365 licenses. The default value is US.

Output variables

Table 2. Create User output variables
Variable Description
error Returns the error string from the REST message. If there are no errors, this variable returns a null value.
status_code Contains the status code returned from the Web service.
user_exists Output variable mapped to the JSON message that contains the User already exists error.
user_info The user_info array contains attributes that can be leveraged by other activities as inputs. For example, the user objectid output (GUID) can be passed to the Add User to Group activity as the user_id input.
  • objectid: User's Azure AD identifier.
  • accountEnabled: Boolean variable indicating whether the user's account is active or inactive.
  • displayName: Users display name, such as jacinto.gawron.
  • userPrincipalName: User's name in email format, such as
  • mailNickname: User's email alias.


Table 3. Create User conditions
Conditions Description
Created user Activity successfully created the user.
User already exists User already exists in the tenant domain.
Failure Activity failed to connect to Azure AD, or an input value was invalid.