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Check User Exists activity

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Check User Exists activity

The Check User Exists activity checks the ServiceNow sys_user table to determine if a record exists for a new employee named in a Workday onboarding notification.

When the ServiceNow instance receives a notification from Workday that a new employee has been hired, Orchestraion runs a workflow called Employee On/Off Boarding to retrieve additional information about the new employee. This workflow uses the Check User Exists GlideActions activity to determine if a user record already exists for this employee on the instance. If a user record does exist, another GlideActions activity checks the sys_user record and updates it if necessary. If a user record does not exist, another activity in the workflow creates a new ServiceNow user record.

Input variables

Table 1. Check User Exists input variables
Variable Description
employee_number Employee identification number received from a Workday notification. This is the field in the sys_user table used to store the Workday employee_id created when the employee was hired.

Output variables

Table 2. Check User Exists output variables
Variable Description
exists True/false value that indicates whether or not the employee exists in the ServiceNow sys_user table.


Table 3. Check User Exists conditions
Condition Description
User exists This user exists in the ServiceNow instance.
User does not exist This user does not exist in the ServiceNow instance, or the employee identification number is not valid.
Failure The activity failed to connect to the ServiceNow instance.