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Exchange activity pack

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Exchange activity pack

The Exchange activity pack allows workflows to manage Microsoft Exchange mail systems.

The use of Orchestration Exchange activities requires the following:
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013.
  • A MID Server configured to run Powershell 2.0
  • A target Exchange server in the same Active Directory domain as the instance.
  • Powershell Remoting enabled on the target Exchange server.
Note: These activities cannot be used to interact with Microsoft Exchange Online.
Orchestration provides custom Exchange activities that were created with the Orchestration activity designer template. These activities perform the same functions as Exchange activities by the same name from previous releases and replace those activities for all new workflows. The custom Exchange activities were built with the Powershell activity designer, which gives workflow administrators the ability to store input and output variables in the databus.
Note: Existing workflows from earlier versions that were created with legacy Exchange activities continue to function normally after an upgrade to Geneva. However, all new workflows must use these custom Exchange activities.

To use the Microsoft Exchange custom activities, you must request activation of the Orchestration - Exchange plugin. The custom Exchange activities are available in the Workflow Editor on the Custom tab. Expand the Custom Activities tree and select the Exchange category for the activity you want to use.

Figure 1. Accessing custom Exchange activities