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Notification example: approval request

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Notification example: approval request

In this notification example, a change request approval is requested, which results in an update to the Approval [sysapproval_approval] table.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The approval eventsBusiness Rule is executed which creates the approval.inserted event. The Approval Request email event is configured to process the approval.inserted event, which uses the change.itil.approve.role email template. This is part of an automatic response that enables the recipient to click a link in the email to send a pre-formatted response back to the system to either approve or reject the change request automatically.


  1. Create an email notification that looks like this:
    Creating the email notification
  2. Create an email template like this:
    Creating the email template
    The combination of the notification and template generates an email that looks something like the following:
    The example email
    Notice that the receiver of this email has the following links in the mail:
    • A link to view the approval record
    • A link to view all the details of the change request
    • A link that generates an automatic email response to approve the change
    • A link that generates an automatic email response to reject the change