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Notification example: simple reminder

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Notification example: simple reminder

In this notification example, set up a very simple reminder that sends a user an email at a specified time, based on information in an incident.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

We will create the following:
  • A custom date/time field on the Incident form
  • A business rule to define an event based on the new field
  • An email notification to react to that event


  1. Create a custom Date/Time field on the Incident form labeled Reminder, with a field name of u_reminder
  2. Define an event that is triggered when the Reminder field gets a value. We create an event called incident.reminder that is triggered at a specific time. We use the gs.eventQueueScheduled() function, which is similar to the standard event creation function, but can pass a parameter to specify when the event is triggered. In this case, the event is triggered at the date and time specified in the new Reminder field.
    Note: Be sure to register your new event. If you do not, the system will not know to look for it.
    Using a business rule to define a scheduled event
    gs.eventQueueScheduled ( "incident.reminder" , current , gs. getUserID ( ) , gs. getUserName ( ) , current. u_reminder ) ;
  3. Create an email notification record that reacts to the new incident.reminder event. This brief notification message is suitable for SMS as well.
    Creating a notification
    Note: This is a very simple reminder. There is no condition in place to delete or reschedule the reminder event if the incident is deleted or if the date and time in the Reminder field is changed. The business rule, as presented, will schedule a new event every time the Reminder field is updated. Nothing is configured to display a reminder that is currently scheduled for an incident. However, this reminder is very simple and can be set up in just a few minutes.

What to do next

Create a concept topic to introduce the background needed to perform this process or task.