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Filter device notifications using a schedule

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Filter device notifications using a schedule

You can associate devices, such as Email, SMS, and Voice, to schedules that define when the devices can and cannot receive notifications.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Notifications that are triggered outside of the scheduled days and times for the device are not queued up for delivery at a later time. For example, if an administrator selects the Weekdays schedule for an email device, the device receives email notifications triggered between Monday and Friday. If notifications are triggered on Saturday, they are not delivered to the device.


  1. Define schedules as needed using System Scheduler > Schedules > Schedules.
  2. Add or edit a device.
  3. Configure the New Device for System Administrator form and add the Schedule field.
  4. In the Schedule field, select the schedule for the device.
  5. Click Submit.