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Tables installed with push notifications

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Tables installed with push notifications

These tables are installed with push notifications.

Table name Description
Push Application [sys_push_application] Push applications registered to the instance to receive push messages.
Push Default Registration [sys_push_notif_default_reg] Contains all of the notifications users are automatically subscribed to for a given push application. You can add notifications to this table on the Push Default Registrations related list on the Push Application form.
Push Feedback [sys_push_feedback] Feedback from the APNs that tells the instance which push devices can no longer receive push messages. The feedback is handled either on the same instance where your notifications are triggered, or a central instance that uses a REST call to tell your instance which push applications to deactivate.
Push Message Attribute Definition [sys_push_notif_msg_attr_def] The attribute definitions used for push message content specification.
Push Message Attribute Value [sys_push_notif_msg_attr_val] The values associated with push messages.
Push Notification [sys_push_notification] The push notifications that the instance attempted to send to users.
Push Notification Action Script [sys_push_notif_act_script] The scripts that the instance uses in response to an actionable push message.
Push Notification Installation [sys_push_notif_app_install] The devices with push apps where users agreed to receive push notifications. The records in this table are listed by the token for the push app. The instance uses this information to know which push device and app to send notifications to. Records are created in this table when a user logs on an instance with the push app.

The Mobile Devices [sys_mobile_devices] table, which is installed with the Mobile UI plugin, contains all the user devices that logged into the instance with the ServiceNow mobile application.

Push Notification Message [sys_push_notif_msg] Messages customized for push notifications. These messages can be associated with a notification.
Push Notification Message Content [sys_push_notif_msg_content] The entire content, including JSON, for push messages.
Push Platform [sys_push_platform] The platforms that are supported for push notifications, and the maximum payload size.