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Field values from the email body

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Field values from the email body

Values in an inbound email can set field values in a task record.

Any name:value pair in an inbound email body gets parsed into a variable/value pair in the inbound email script. The name:value pair must be on its own line. Note that most email clients limit the number of characters allowed per line and may truncate excessively long name:value pairs.

To populate a reference field, use setDisplayValue() instead. See Redirecting Emails for an example of using setDisplayValue() in an inbound email action.

Note: The action always generates a lowercase variable name. Also, this functionality does not work on reference fields.
For example, if an email body contains this line:
The inbound email script creates the variable with the value of bar. You can use these variables to create conditions such as:
In this example, the script sets the value of [field] to the value bar.