Email redirection to the instance POP3 account

You can have other mailboxes forward email to the instance's POP3 account.

By default, the POP Reader schedules job checks for new email every two minutes. It connects to the mail server and account specified in email properties. The POP Reader downloads any email waiting on the mail server and creates events. After the instance processes the events, the inbound email actions run.

The POP Reader shows the number of emails processed during the reader's last run. The message shows the number of emails the reader processed or 0 processed if no emails were available. The reader resets the status each time it runs.

While it is not possible to specify more than one POP3 account for the instance, you can have other mailboxes forward to the designated POP3 account. This script can be added to the Create Incident inbound email action to differentiate the content based on the original recipient and then set an assignment_group value.

current.assignment_group.setDisplayValue('Facilities Management');