Push notification setup with the ServiceNow mobile application

If you are using the default ServiceNow mobile application, push notifications are set up similar to subscribable notifications.

Note: Push notifications with the ServiceNow mobile application are not supported in on-premise instances.
The process is as follows:
  1. A user installs the ServiceNow mobile application and agrees to accept push notifications. The device then:
    • Obtains a token that identifies the device
    • Triggers the creation of a device in the user's notifications preferences
    • Automatically subscribes the user to the push-specific notifications that are set up for the ServiceNow mobile app.

    When the instance receives the push notification acceptance message, it creates a record in the Push Notification Installation [sys_push_notif_app_install] table. This record is what the instance uses to identify the device + mobile application combination necessary to identify a push notification recipient.

  2. The system administrator sets up push notifications, just like they set up an email notification. Push notifications contain two parts:
    • The push message
    • The notification, which includes the push message
  3. Users or administrators can verify the user's notification preferences to see if the user has a push device configured and that the user is subscribed to the relevant push notifications.