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The matching of a sender email address to a user

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The matching of a sender email address to a user

The instance matches a senders email address to an active user in the User [sys_user] table using inbound actions.

Note: The Email Automatic User Creation plugin must be active.

When processing an email, the instance sets the current user to the user whose email address matches email.from. Inbound actions can then reference that current user. For example, the base system inbound action Create Incident sets the incident's caller_id to the value returned by gs.getUserID().

If multiple users have the same email address, the instance first searches for an active user with the email address. The instance does not match inactive users.

Note: It is strongly recommended to have unique email addresses for each user record. Otherwise, the instance can not reliably match the email to the correct user and unpredictable matches may occur.
If providing a unique email address to each user is not possible, only having one active user with the shared email address is recommended. This configuration guarantees that the instance always matches incoming email from this address to the active user.