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Watermarks on notification emails

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Watermarks on notification emails

By default, the system generates a watermark label at the bottom of each notification email to allow matching incoming email to existing records.

The watermark always includes "Ref:" and a customizable prefix, followed by the auto-numbered identifier of the source record, such as incident, problem, or change request. The default prefix is MSG. For example, Ref:MSG3846157.

Watermarks are always generated, but you can configure them to:
  • Create a custom watermark prefix for each instance to prevent accidentally triggering events in the wrong instance.
  • Have custom prefix characters after MSG
  • Be hidden globally
  • Be omitted from individual email messages
Inbound email actions might not work properly if watermarks are omitted from email notifications. Without a watermark, inbound email messages cannot be associated with the accumulated comments related to the original incident, and each subsequent notification that is sent is treated as a new incident.
Note: Do not use colons (:) in custom watermark prefixes. Colons are a reserved character and may cause the watermark to be ignored.
Note: Email clients that use the plain text version of the email still show the watermark.