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Email filters

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Email filters

Email filters enable administrators to specify when to move email to particular mailboxes or to ignore it using a condition builder or a condition script. Email filters are inactive by default.

Default email filters

After activation, these filters are available from the System Mailboxes > Filters module:

Table 1. Default email filters
Filter Description
Ignore VCAL Ignores all email containing vCalendar requests. This filter prevents inbound email actions from creating unnecessary incident records when the instance receives a response to sent email. vCalendar requests in email responses are identified by the EmailUtils script include.
Ignore header Ignores email that contains specific headers. This filter overrides the glide.pop3.ignore_headers property.
Ignore sender Ignores email from specific senders. This filter overrides the glide.pop3.ignore_senders property.
Ignore subject Ignores email with specific terms or phrases in the subject line. This filter overrides the glide.pop3.ignore_subjects property. This filter might not apply to emails arriving from unknown users. Unknown users can be locked out.
Move spam to junk folder Moves email identified as spam to the Junk folder. This filter changes an email's x-headers to mark a message as spam. This filter does not include the software product of the same name.

This filter is enhanced in the Geneva release to provide better spam filtering.

Note: Using the Move spam to junk folder filter requires configuring your own email servers as the ServiceNow email infrastructure does not support changing email headers. You can accomplish such filtering with any software capable of changing email headers.

Email filter script include

Email filters use a script include called EmailUtils that contains a simple utility function to determine if vCalendar is in the body of the response email. The results of this query are used in a condition script in the Ignore VCAL email filter.

Spam scoring and filtering

Every message sent through email servers is assessed for the likelihood of being spam. Based on this assessment, the instance adds headers to each message that can be used for filtering within the customer instance using the Email Filters plugin. This is only available for instances that use the ServiceNow email infrastructure. See KB0549426 for an explanation of email scoring and filtering.