Users: Enroll in the Password Reset program

Some organizations auto-enroll users in a Password Reset program. Your organization could offer you the option to enroll for one or more methods of verifying your identity when you reset your password.

You might enroll for any combination of the following methods:

Verify your identity using security questions (QA verification)
To enroll, you choose multiple questions that only you can answer (like the name of your first pet) and then supply answers. The system stores your answers securely. Later, when you want to reset your password, the system presents one or more of the questions. You answer the questions to verify your identity.
Verify your identity using an SMS code (SMS verification)
To enroll, you authorize a device like a cellular phone for SMS verification. Later, when you want to reset your password, you get a code number on the device and enter the code on the web page to verify your identity.